At Fire K Studios, you can be assured that you are getting the best possible recording/mixing environment. Our precisely designed control room features pristine Lynx Aurora A/D/A converters and we proudly use some of the best monitors in the industry - Focal SM9s



  • Custom Built 6-Core Silent PC
  • Lynx Aurora 16 converters with AES PCIE card


  • Focal SM9  switchable 3/2 way active nearfields
  • Yamaha HS50M active nearfields
  • Dangerous Music ST monitor control system
  • Hear Tech HearBack personal monitor mixer


  • Steinburg Cubase 8
  • Protools (available on request)
  • Propellerhead's Reason 8
  • Ableton Live 9 Suite
  • Presonus Studio One
  • Komplete 11


  • Antares Auto Tune Pro
  • Antares AVOX 4 vocal processing/effects
  • Amplitube 4 – Guitar Amp Modeling software (Metal, SVX, Fender, Orange, Engel add-on models)
  • URS Classic Console Strip Pro
  • Voxengo Plugins
  • PSP Plugins
  • iZotope Ozone 8
  • 2C Audio Aether, Breeze, & B2 reverb
  • IK Miroslav Philharmonic
  • Notion 3 Scoring software
  • Slate Digital - Trigger, VCC, Virtual Tape Machine, VBC, VMR
  • + many others~


  • Audio Technica:

AT4050 condenser

ATM350 condenser

  • Rode:

2 x NT 5 matched pair condenser

NT1 large diaphragm condenser

  • Audix:



2 x D2


2 x ADX 51 (Matched pair)

  • Sennheiser:

2 x MD 421 II

e 609 Silver dynamic

  • BLUE:

Woodpecker- Active Ribbon

Mouse- condenser

Encore 200

Encore 300

  • Shure:

2 x SM57


  • AKG:

2 x D112

  • EV:

RE 20

  • Placid Audio:



  • Majove Audio:

MA 200 tube condenser

  • Royer:

R121 ribbon

  • 12 Guage:

2 x Red

  • Kel:



Signal Processing

  • Drawmer 1969 Mercenary Edition Stereo Compressor
  • Slate Audio Dragon Compressor
  • DBX 160XT Compressor
  • 2 x Chandler Germanium Compressor Matched Pair
  • Chandler Germanium Tone Control EQ

Preamps/Channel Strips

  • Universal Audio LA610 Mk II
  • SSL Alpha VHD
  • Focusrite ISA 428 with 8 channel A/D card
  • Toft EC 1
  • TLA Audio Ivory VP5051
  • Manley Langevin Dual Vocal Combo
  • Slate Audio Fox
  • 500 Serie Rack by Rupert Neve Designs:
  • ​CP5 custom built preamp with "Red" module

Amps Cabs

  • Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine Head with EQ/comp
  • Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 4x10 Cab
  • Marshall Valvestate VS 100 Combo Guitar Amp
  • Marshall JCM900 4X10 Cab
  • Peavey 5150 Tube amp with custom built cab
  • Randall RT2/50 Power amp
  • The Wiseguy 15 watt custom built
  • The "Red Beast" custom built closed back 4x12 cabinet with Eminence     -2 x Swamp Thing             -2 x Man O' War


  • Basses:

ESP B204 with EMG HZ pickups

ESP F404FM with EMG DC b/n

Spector Legend Classic 5 string

Fender ’62 reissue Jazz Bass

Rogue Viola bass

Tacoma Acoustic

  • Guitars:

ESP EC 1000

ESP V 401

ESP F 250

Gibson Les Paul Studio Silverburst

Parkwood PW360m Acoustic/Electric

Taylor DN3 Acoustic

  • Drums:

-Ddrum Dominion Maple Custom:

10x8 (dia x depth) rack tom

12x8 rack tom

14x14 floor

16x14 floor

20x20 kick

13x6.5 snare

14x3 GMS Custom Maple snare

12x3.5 Tama steel snare


-Ddrum Hybrid Birch Kit

10x7 Rack tom

12x8 Rack tom

14x12 floor tom

16x14 floor tom

22x18 kick

14x6 snare


-KAT KT2 Electric Kit


  • Cymbals:

Sabian AAX Series

20 stage ride

18 stage crash (x2)

17 stage crash

14 rock hats (AA series x2)

12 splash

10 china splash

16 china

18 china

10 splash/14 china trash hats

7 LP ice bell

9.5 Zildjian Zilbel

Zildjian 14” A Custom Mastersound Hats

Sabian HHX Evolution 16” Crash

Paiste 18” Rude China

  • Hardware:

Gibraltar Stealth rack- rack/snare stand, side 'wings' (x2)

Tama Iron Cobra - twin pedal and hi-hat

Gibraltar cymbal arms - various, x-hats (x2)

  • Electronics:

Roland SPD-S trigger pad

ddrum Pro Acoustic triggers - (x 7)

  • Keys:

Casio PX150 Digital Piano with SP-33 pedal board

 (Soft, sostenuto, damper)

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