Fire K Studios is a professionally designed, full service recording facility. The studio contains a large "live" room, 2 isolation rooms, and a precision designed control room.  We also provide quality gear and personnel with the expertise to set up and record your entire project.

The recording studio was designed with flexibility and comfort in mind:

  • Through the use of our personal monitoring system, each client can have their own custom mix.
  • One of the isolation booths is large enough to accommodate an entire drum kit.
  • Our recording studio has the versatility to accommodate many different scenarios. For example: Guitarists can set up their head/cab/combo in the isolation rooms while playing in the live or control room. Or they can keep the head with them and leave the cab in the rooms. Groups/Bands also have the option of playing together in our sizable live room, all the while they still maintain isolation from each other because of our dual Iso-booths.
  • Clients can use any of the items available on our equipment page, free of charge.

Our recording studio can be booked for any and all stages of the recording process. Just want to use our facility for tracking drums,  adding vocals to your songs, or use our live room to capture that full acoustic sound? No problem! We can import and export files to work seamlessly with any other studio - home or professional. We also have 1 TB of online storage through Dropbox and can send and receive files from all over the world.


The importance of the mixing process is paramount and at Fire K Studios, we treat it as such. Mixing involves taking the multi-track recording and turning it into a great sounding 2-track (stereo) presentation.

Whether your project was recorded at our facility or somewhere else, we can provide you with quality mixes. Our selection of outboard gear can create mixes that cannot be achieved by "In the Box" mixing alone. Our world class control room allows us to monitor the mix with detail and make adjustments so that your project will sound good no matter where it is played.


Mastering is the final step to the recording process. It is a process whereby a number of songs, after being mixed down, are EQ'd, compressed as necessary, and balanced in volume with each other, so that they will sound good when placed together on a CD.


The goal of mastering is to put to final polish on the songs. It brings the tracks up to industry standard levels and prepares the album for duplication and distribution. Mastering will allow your tracks to compete with others in the industry.


Our rates usually change based on what the project demands and the budget for the project.  At fire K Studios we are always happy and willing to tailor our recording packages to suit nearly any budget, so please contact us for more info.


We also run many specials to help get new artists and faces into the recording to studio.



Other Services

  • Voice Over Work: either with your own voice actor or one we provide
  • Free Lance Engineer: Bring your laptop and have access to our gear and controll room.
  • Podcasts: record your podcast creations in a comfortable yet professional environment.
  • Practice Space: why not have your band practice in a pro studio!
  • Programming: use our many VSTi's or bring your own synth's and lay down your track in a quality control room.
  • Events: Rent our studio for small events and gatherings. For example, have an intimate live show with your biggest fans or bring your students in to see a working pro studio.
  • Session Musicians: We have very capable musicians available to help bring your project to fruition.

Please contact us to discuss these bookings and rates

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