Why Choose Fire K Studios?

There are several elements that go into a professional recording and each plays an important role in the creation of the final recorded mix. At Fire K Studios, we considered every component and extension of the recording process when determining the overall concept for our recording studio. Fire K Studios was developed from the ground up to integrate the highest quality gear and room design. Not only is our recording studio aesthetically pleasing, but we have incorporated a design that provides optimal sound quality. Our studio's acoustically treated rooms provide us with extremely accurate images of what is happening sonically, which help us to work faster and more efficiently. All of this was done to ensure that each client achieves the exact sound they want.

Some key factors about our Recording studio that may help influence your decision:

  • Studio Designed by Renowned Audio Engineer, Gregg Vizza:      Greg has worked on countless recording studios and his resume is quite impressive. Every room in our studio has been meticulously planned out from the very beginning to ensure state-of-the-art acoustic design. 
  •  Digital/Analog Gear: We have a variety of analog and digital audio signal processing gear. Having both digital and analog gives us the flexibility to create a hybrid mix of a vintage and modern sound.
  •  Microphones: Our selection of microphones  encompass a full range of musical styles. This variety allows room for more  inspiration and creativity.
  •  Studio Space: We have our own distinct sound, look, and personal touch that makes us unique. We offer ample space in our recording studio to meet your needs. Our live room can fit a full band comfortably and our two isolation booths are spacious as well.
  •  Location:  Fire K Studios is conveniently located in the Pittsburgh area. The studio locale offers ample parking, easy loading space and a quiet setting. Restaurants and shops are within walking distance as well.
  •  Professional Expertise: Co-owners Matt Firek and Andrew Wilds each offer their own creative points of view to enhance the recording process. They have a combined 30+ years experience as musicians and 20+ years experience in studio recording. Additionally, they are friendly, easy to work with and offer a welcoming, professional atmosphere.

Our Recording Studio Layout:

  • Intimate lounge area with several amenities, Including coffee maker (for those early mornings/long nights),  a Nespresso Machine( for those really long nights), microwave, refrigerator, water cooler, sitting and dining area.
  • Spacous control room designed to ensure accuracy and comfort. 
  • A large Live Room that can fit ensembles and bands comfortably. An excellent room to track drums and get a lovely tone from any kit.
  • Two sonically "neutral" isolation booths which  elminate overtones, unwanted noises, frequency build up, and most importantly,  instruments bleeding into other tracks. This isolation and neutrality gives the greatest control for mixing.
    •   Iso Booth A is rather large, which makes it great for isolating a horn section, percusion, or an acoustic guitar. It has fully customizable, noiseless LED lighting, that can be adjusted to any color or brightness. Want candle light? or clouds floating by? or a sci-fi red alert? done. This enhances the atmosphere - perfect for vocals. 
    •   Iso Booth B is designed for a single musician/singer. It also makes a great guitar cabinet/combo-amp room.  The guitarist can crank up their amp without annoying the other band members and/or neighbors.
  • Two accommodating bathrooms, Just in case you and your bandmates ate that pizza left in your car overnight ...

 The only true way to determine if Fire K Studios is the right fit for you is to come and see for yourself. We are more than happy to give you a tour of our facilities and answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today to schedule a tour of Fire K Studios

First time recording in a professional studio? Not sure what to expect? Here are some tips to make your experience a great one:

  • Relax: Everyone at Fire K studios has been part of a band, recorded original music and performed live. Therefore, we understand the pressure and nerves that come with being put on the spot. It takes lots of courage to perform in this manor and we here at Fire K studios offer nothing but support for you.

  • Prepare your material: The better you know your music, the smoother and faster the session will go. Time is money!

  • Come in fresh: Practicing is great, but over-practicing can cause fatigue. Remember that the sessions can go long hours and may require many takes. Everyone can benefit from rest and relaxation.

  • Tune your instrument(s): This can be done at the start of the session. Everyone should use the same tuner (We always have one if needed). The drums should also be correctly tuned. We can provide a drum tech for assistance, if requested.

  • Share your vision with studio staff: There are many styles of music and many styles of recording. Talk with your engineer before and during your session to convey what you want and how it is shaping up. We are here to help you be successful.

  • Check your equipment: Make sure everything is in top-working order: New heads for your drums, New strings for your guitar, New reeds for your Sax... The better your gear sounds, the better the recording will be.

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