Matt Firek
Owner / Engineer
Matt has been in the recording game for decades and he's been a musician even longer. Former member of the rock band Terminus Est, and current member of local Pittsburgh band Endangered Minds, Matt plays a mean bass guitar. Matt is an exceptional engineer who knows his way around the studio's incredible gear. When you record with Matt, you know you will be in good hands.
Andrew Wilds
Pittsburgh native Andrew has been a dedicated and passionate musician ever since he was young. He has been a guitarist for 20+ years and plays lead guitar for the hard rock band Endangered Minds. With a background in music theory, Andrew brings a creative and informed perspective to the recording, mixing, and mastering process. He takes excellent care of his clients and is eager to help you with your next project.
Kurt Liebmann
Engineer/Drum Technician
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Kurt has been a drummer for 30+ years. He has graced several bands with his rhythmic talents over the years, including Endless, Raising Pilate, Sunday Morning, and Endangered Minds. With a background in design, Kurt had a major hand in the studio build. As the studio's drum tech, Kurt uses his extensive expertise to help clients get the best sound possible.


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