Other Services


  • Voice Over Recording: Our roomy isolation booths are perfect for voice over work.
  • Drum Technician: Hire our professional drum tech to work alongside your drummer to get that expert sound. 
  • Lessons: Learn all about the recording process from one of our experienced engineers with personalized instruction.
  • Control Room Rental: Bring your laptop, plug into our gear, and get access to our pristine control room.
  • Freelance Engineers: Bring your laptop and have access to our gear and control room.
  • Podcasts: Record your hit podcast in our comfortable environment. Get it mixed and mastered for a clean, professional sound your listeners will appreciate. 
  • Programming: Use our many VSTi's or bring your own synths and lay down your track in a quality control room.
  • Events: Rent our studio for small events and gatherings. Throw a karaoke birthday party, host an intimate live show with your biggest fans or bring your students in to see a working pro studio.
  • Session Musicians: Ask us about our professional session musicians and instrumentalists available for hire. 


Take advantage of our incredible gear, awesome equipment, and solid expertise.

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