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Designed by acoustical engineer Gregg Vizza and built from the ground up, our amazing space is ideal for recording vocals, drums, full bands, and so much more.

Studio Features

  • Lounge Area: Our comfortable lounge space offers several amenities, including coffee maker, Nespresso Machine, microwave, refrigerator, water cooler, & sitting and dining area.
  • Control Room: Our pristine control room was designed to ensure sonic accuracy and comfort.
  • Live Room: Our spacious live room can comfortably accommodate a full band, ensemble, or small choir. Our live room is an excellent space to track drums and get an amazing tone from any kit.
  • Two Isolation Booths: Our sonically neutral iso booths eliminate overtones, unwanted noises, and frequency build up. Most importantly, they prevent individual instruments from bleeding into other tracks. This isolation and neutrality provide for the greatest control during mixing.
  • Iso Booth A: Our large iso booth is perfect for isolating a horn section, percussion, or an acoustic guitar. Plus, it features incredible, fully customizable, noiseless LED lighting. A client favorite, these super sleek LEDs can be adjusted to any color or brightness to set just the right mood while you record. Want candlelight? How about clouds floating by? Maybe the vibe of a sci-fi red alert? Whatever makes for your ideal recording atmosphere, we will make it happen.
  • Iso Booth B: Our smaller iso booth is designed for a single musician/singer. It's also an ideal guitar cabinet/combo-amp room. Crank up your amp without distracting the other band members (and/or neighbors).

Studio Layout

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