We offer a wide array of services and our experienced engineers can't wait to work with you.


At Fire K Studios, we offer an excellent range of services, including recording, mixing, mastering, and so much more.


Fire K Studios is a professionally designed, full service recording facility. The studio contains a large live room, 2 isolation rooms, and a precision designed control room. We also provide quality gear and personnel with the expertise to set up and record your entire project.


The importance of the mixing process is paramount at Fire K Studios, and we treat it as such. Whether your project was recorded at our facility or somewhere else, we can provide you with quality mixes. 


Mastering is the final step to the recording process. The goal of mastering is to put to final polish on the songs. It brings the tracks up to industry standard levels and prepares the album for duplication and distribution.

Other Services

In addition to recording, mixing, and mastering, we offer a wide array of other services.


Take advantage of our incredible gear, awesome equipment, and solid expertise.

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